Dairy farm workers job hunting?

The beginning of the Dairy ‘season’ in New Zealand begins on June 1st each year. This is the time that most employers like to have the current seasons staff begin work. In New Zealand this is knows as “Gypsy Day” – stock and families move from job to job each year.

Once you get into this industry you soon realize purely from a farm workers perspective that it can be difficult to find the ‘perfect employer’. Throughout each season there will be many families shifting farms in search of a ‘better job’.

Employers have an equally difficult time finding reliable staff so they state; therefore in Dairy Queen’s own opinion there are not enough ‘good matches’ coming together in the dairy industry at present. This I will comment on in another entry.

The resources available to the farm worker on a ‘job hunt’ are somewhat limited and in these modern times it pays to have access to the internet as the number 1 website for farm work listings is www.fencepost.co.nz

This is a function of the “Fonterra’ site and Dairy Queen and her associates recommend this site.


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